portfolio organization system for surface pattern designers

Portfolio Organization System for Surface Pattern Designers

Online Class

Portfolio Organization System for Surface Pattern Designers

In this class you will learn how to implement an efficient and coherent Portfolio Organization System for your digital work.

This class is especially designed for:

1. Surface pattern designers who want to start their Portfolio Organization System from scratch and

2. Surface pattern designers with weak portfolio organization systems already created and experiencing difficulties to store, track and locate easily their files.

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These are the main benefits that you will get after taking the class:

– Improve your productivity and workflow.

– Become more organized & efficient in your work.

– Increase your professionalism and confidence.

This is what other students think about this course

Polar bear illustration by Beatriz Pascual

Beatriz provides very helpful information to help us organise our portfolio, and have a system that is easy to maintain. I recommend this class to all pattern designers, and I can’t wait to start implementing those advises on my portfolio ! : )

– Chloé O.

Polar bear illustration by Beatriz Pascual

Very Helpful Video and well organized with vital information

– Susan K.

Polar bear illustration by Beatriz Pascual

This is extremely useful and a great process. Especially if you are wanting to get organised… I will as I am sure others will too like to understand Airtable more, but the explanation was clear and full of content

Thank you very much for helping us organise our files and finding a safe way to easily offer for licensing our patterns… Adapting collections will become easier as the selection process can offer as much or as little as you choose.. Fantastic online course. May I make a suggestion.. Do you have a question and answer page where we can learn from each others experience and specific questions… Love the portfolio idea it works so well. Congratulations for bringing this brilliant resource.

– Tracy W.

Polar bear illustration by Beatriz Pascual

I really appreciated this class!

I’ve been struggling with organization and this answered my needs beautifully. I think this lesson would be helpful to know starting out, as I think it could save immense amounts of time once set up. Beatriz has thought of everything here and I really liked how I was able to follow along creating/copying my own air table spreadsheet.

Thank you so much, Beatriz! I have a ways to go until my portfolio is ready to share, but I can already tell it’s going to look and behave beautifully when it is. 🙂

– Casey S.

How will we do it?


I will teach you best practices to store your patterns in the right folder structure  & using a coherent file codification system from the beginning.

You will learn which files and documents you should create for each one of your designs, according to the final purpose.

Next, I will teach you how to create a database from scratch to support your folders structure.

Finally, I will show you how to share privately your full portfolio on your website, for potential brands and companies.

Are you ready to start? I can’t wait to see you on the course!