2020 Año en revisión


2020 is finally ending and sadly becoming a part of history as a black year due to Covid-19. However, I would like to look back and recognize the good moments that took place along the year, the highlights and all the progress that has happened.


In 2020 I:

  • designed around 70 new patterns, including their colorways
  • took 10 new online courses
  • created a new brand and set up a new website
  • designed a full range of templates to help me in my daily tasks
  • worked on a business & marketing plan for my project
  • had 6 complex artwork commissions
  • started being part of a membership group, with the best possible mentor, Bärbel Dressler.

To sum it up, it has been a year of getting more organized, learning and starting a new business in surface pattern design.


One of my biggest and most ambitious goals was to define and design my brand, from top to bottom. I had the feeling that for so long I have been struggling with an undefined image, that has been changed a few times throughout these years, according to my different visions and ending up being a huge waste of time and also money every time I have updated my website and therefore all the assets for social media communications and so on.

The big branding project took me more than a month until I found the name and logo that could perfectly transmit more accurate aspects of my designs.


I have deeply studied historical patterns, such Toile de Jouy, Arts & Crafts, Vermicular, Damask, etc and consequently my designs for licensing have been clearly inspired by them.

These are some of the works I have produced in 2020:


Skillshare has been my favorite platform this year to learn.

Basically I have taken several courses on pattern design from my mentor Bärbel Dressler and on new software, like InDesign for dummies.

However my educational highlight has been the Evolution membership from Bärbel Dressler, where I have learned much deeper about the business side when you are a surface pattern designer.

This membership gave me the great opportunity to connect with other fellow pattern designers around the globe and feel really part of a wonderful group of talented people.

2020 year in review for Pascûal


To sum up, 2020 has been a year of finding my voice, focussing on learning and preparing myself for the future. I have had enough time to think about what is essential in my life and what is not. I am also very grateful and thankful that in a black year like this, all my relatives and family are well.

For 2021 my main wish is to keep on this beautiful journey, working hard and creating lots of new pattern designs mainly for wall covering and textile industries.

I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021 full of health & success for everybody.

2020 year in review

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