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Portada No te vayas sin irte de mi_Book cover commission
Portada de No te vayas sin irte de mi, de Fiana Marín Benítez, con mi ilustración Hilos Rojos.

Some months ago, I got a very special deal: to create a book cover commission!

It was special for two reasons: it was my first book cover and the author is an old work colleague and friend, Fiana Marín Benítez, who writes modern poetry that catches you from the very first verse. This is her second published book, after Palabras y Flechas.

She is a naive dreamer and he is a lonely adventurer. When their paths cross, the passion between them is unleashed. Lust, love, jealousy, frustration and sadness are, among others, the feelings that link the verses of this story from the initial attraction to the pain of the rupture.

"No te vayas sin irte de mi", Fiana Marín Benitez (@japicuin)

But, how to convey in just one drawing all this?

I wanted to approach this work from her perspective, therefore I thought about how she felt with all those feelings inside. There is passion, lust, love, but also jealousy, frustration and sadness. Indeed, too many feelings playing at the same time!

There were some ideas crossing my mind that I needed to use here.

On one hand, the idealistic idea of love, blind love, giving everything for the other, the “red thread” theory, linking us to somebody forever…

But on the other side, I also wanted to show that we have a mistaken concept when a relationship fails, especially if we have invested a long time, effort, patience, illusion and the other half is not involved at the same level.

As a matter of fact, we tend to blame the other, and we do not realize that it has been us who have put ourselves in that situation.

Her gaze in the distance is half blinded, because despite what is said that we are blind when we fall in love, we can always see a bit.

Book cover commission
El amor no es ciego al 100%

I wanted to convey that she is getting into this wheel game through the red thread skein, tied up to her fingers, but tangled in her own heart.

Book cover commission
Corazón enredado en una madeja de hilos rojos

Finally, his silhoutte, very secure, in a path that ends or starts in her (it is not known!)

Book cover commission
El camino es siempre de entrada y de salida

The illustration is made with a mixmedia technique, combining pencil and digital work.

I couldn´t finish this post without recommending you reading this book.

It is an absolute pleasure to get lost among its verses!

You can orden the book through Amazon aquí

I share with you an image from @japicuin IG with one of the poems: A veces me imagino

Book cover commission: No te vayas sin irte de mi
Hilos Rojos

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