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Desktop Planner Template

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Desktop planner template

I have created this Desktop Planner Template to help you organizing your folders and alias folders in your computer screen.

You can customize it according to your own needs and preferences.

I invite you to read this article where I talk about Desktop Planners

Beatriz Pascual Profile Picture
Beatriz Pascual

Hello there!

My name is Beatriz Pascual and I work as a Freelance Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator under the name Pascûal, from my studio in Madrid (Spain)

I am a pattern designer with a special love for Nature and classic styles. I am truly passionate about designing elegant and handmade surface patterns that bring happiness to peoples lives.

I am a nerd of designing software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, that I use daily for my SPD work; but also an analytic person who enjoys implementing working processes & teaching portfolio organization systems for surface pattern designers.