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Behind PASCÛAL, it is only me!

I am Beatriz Pascual, a surface pattern designer and illustrator, based out Madrid (Spain). Among other things, I love designing, classic prints and Nature. 

Know a bit more about PASCÛAL (and me!)


Brand and values

PASCÛAL is a new Spanish brand created in 2022 that produces exclusive prints and sustainable products for home decoration, textiles and accessories, with an influence of historical and traditional designs.

Its designs have a timeless touch, with carefully chosen color palettes.

Nature and classic styles are its main sources of inspiration.

PASCÛAL creates products for women who want to enjoy the creativity and design of its collections.

PASCÛAL works to achieve sustainable and limited production, using materials that reduce environmental impact, with the focus on quality rather than quantity.

The designer: Beatriz Pascual


Florals, Indienne or Toile de Jouy among other classical styles play an important role in my work.

Inspiration comes to me from the old classical pattern styles to the decorative art movements of the 19’s and 20’s centuries.

In my work, I want to reflect the love I feel for detail & delicacy. Normally people describe it as elegant, distinctive, cheerful and timeless.

My designs are especially appropriate for interior design, fabrics & wall coverings, home decor, accessories or stationery.

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Background and career

Before I started designing patterns and illustrations, I worked over 15 years in the advertising world.

International media planning, negotiation and management for large global brands were my main tasks.

Therefore I’ve managed local, national or international projects along with clients, central media and media agencies.

This is why my advertising experience is the perfect support to understand what my clients need and help them to build their brand with my pattern designs in the best possible way.


I have been always a passionate learner and I can admit that when something interests me, I can dedicate full time to master it completely.

In a way, this happened when I realized that I wanted to dedicate my professional career to the wonderful world of surface pattern design.

Everything I always wanted was possible then, as I could combine my love for drawing with pattern designing.

One of my initial goals was to study deeply the technical aspects for its creation, from the manual to the modern digital ways.

Then I focused on learning more about the main historical styles that have raised through all eras.

My love for digital softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, and my computer skills have been a must to complete my education in surface pattern design.

From all of the above, I am able to serve my clients with total confidence in my work.

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