Time for your 2021 Year in Review

2021 year in review

2021 is not yet finished, but around this time of December it is a good practice to start summarizing what the current year has been for you, so let’s begin with our 2021 year in review!


In this blog post I will give you ideas to make a summary of what 2021 has been for you in order to lay out the best foundations for 2022.

Previous year review section

Getting perspective from previous experiences will help you to improve your future results!

For this exercise, you can start by listing all the main goals that you have completed in 2021. I will give you the example of my big goals in 2021


In 2021 I have:

  • designed around 96 new patterns, including heros, coordinates and blenders (with all their colorways). If you downloaded the Portfolio Tracker spreadsheet and you have been filling it up monthly, you can now easily see the number of total patterns that you have completed throughout the year. ** If you still don’t have this free resource, you can download it here and start using it for 2022!.** 
  • created & launched 2 online classes on Skillshare:
  • 3 notebooks with my latest pattern designs.
  • 1 adult coloring book with historical inspired mandalas
100 wonderful mandalas coloring book
  • 2022 High Performance Journal with 3 different cover designs.
  • worked constantly on a business & marketing plan for my creative business, where I:
  • started a tailored newsletter for different audiences.
  • started (recently!) creating my own line of physical products to sell (very soon!) through companies & in my online shop. 
  • continued being part of a membership group, Evolution”, with the best possible mentor, Bärbel Dressler.

To sum it up, it has been a year of getting really organized and developing new income streams for my business in surface pattern design.


Now you can think about what was great and what wasn’t that great this year. Listing great things encourages you and listing “not so great” things makes you generate ideas to improve your future performance.

For me, the greatest things in 2021 have been:

  • Creating my online classes has given me confidence about my knowledge and skills in surface pattern design and organization. All the good reviews from my students fill my heart with pride and joy. 
  • I have started getting income from my patterns! Not a lot as yet, but this is really assuring me that my efforts were worth it.
  • I have learned tremendously about many different subjects that I am implementing in my creative business (video edition, javascript, “cricut world”, artisan candles and of course new pattern styles).
  • I have met lovely people online related to pattern making, that make me feel part of a great community.

Now, about what wasn’t that great this year, I couldn’t keep up with my daily workouts. This is something that I am determined to fix in 2022. It is really important to maintain a balance between being in front of your desk for 8 hours and doing some exercise.

FINANCIAL SUMMARY – 2021 Year in Review

Next, you can list your financial tracker for 2021. I really recommend using a spreadsheet or a high performance journal where you can track your weekly income and expenses related to your business, as this is going to help you with the final economic performance of the year. 


You can reserve a section for the main contracts, commissions or deals that you have had within this year and you can also write down your ideas to improve in the following year in this area.


Following along, you can also list how your impact was in the different social networks in 2021. You can split it into the different platforms where you are present, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Tik-Tok.


Finally leave some space for your 2021 rewards. How much have you loved yourself this year? Have you given yourself something nice that you really wanted?. And I am not talking necessarily about something expensive. Have you managed to have free time for yourself everyday to do something different than pattern design? Any new hobbies that you are happy to have? Maybe dancing with a small group of people? Anything that brightens your heart is a reward. 

I have managed to spend more quality time with my son every day and that makes me tremendously happy!

Also, (and just recently!) we have added a new member into the family that is bringing us a lot of joy. Let me introduce you to Pipa, our little and cute kitten.


Ok,I hope that this blog post gives you ideas about how to make a summary of your 2021 year!

To make this task even easier for you, in my 2022 Journals there is a full section dedicated to the Previous Year Review, providing you with all the different areas mentioned above!.

2021 Year in Review - Previous year review section

See you very soon!


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