How to create mandalas with Photoshop

learn how to create mandalas in photoshop

In this online class, you will learn how to create mandalas with Photoshop, using different symmetries and elements from historic styles of ornamentation/decoration.

learn how to create mandalas in photoshop

My second online class “How to create Mandalas” is here!

In this class you will make beautiful mandalas using the diverse symmetry options that Photoshop provides.

The idea is to give you a different perspective about mandalas, as these are very creative and can include elements from historic styles of ornamentation that will make them unique.

By taking this class, you will boost your creativity & increase your portfolio with new illustrations, being able to use them as prints, or including them in coloring books.



First Steps Creating Mandalas

In the first lesson I will show how to design mandalas just letting your creativity and hand flow, without having any specific purpose rather than finding your favorite moves and compositions.

This lesson is very funny as it allows you to freely express yourself.

Lesson 1 Create Mandalas Using random lines

Including Motifs in Our Mandalas

In the second lesson I will show you how to incorporate elements in your designs, so you will create mandalas having an intentional purpose.

Here you can be very creative!.

In this lesson, I will include flowers and fruits in my designs.

But, what if you decide to create mandalas including innovative motifs such as cars, cameras, phones, food or anything else similar?

The possibilities are endless!

Lesson 2 _How to create Mandalas including elements

Historical Inspired Mandalas

In the third lesson, I will show you how you can design Mandalas with historical styles inspiration.

In my examples, I will design some mandalas inspired by the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movements.

(Those are my absolutely favorite art styles!) . 

Lesson 3 How to create Mandalas inspired by historical art styles

Colouring Mandalas Digitally with Photoshop

Later, we will color digitally one of these designs.

I will show how to color with Photoshop using different tools to get different results. Super fun!

Lesson 4 How to color mandalas with Photoshop
how to create mandalas with photoshop

Creating Prints with Our Mandalas

In the next lesson, I cover how to export your mandalas, therefore you can create a lovely print to decorate any corner at home.

(I don’t know about you, but I love seeing my work decorating my house!)

Lesson 5 How to create a print with your mandala designs

Creating Coloring Books with Our Mandalas

Finally, in the last lesson, we will compile some of our designs to create a small colouring book.

This will be created in a PDF format, to download it and print it.

I will use Adobe Illustrator to create this book.

Coloring book _ Mandalas inspired by Arts and Crafts

Bonus Lesson: Drawing Arts and Crafts Inspired Motifs for Our Mandalas

As I constantly mention Arts and Crafts during the class, I have included a Bonus lesson!.

In this section, I show you how to draw motifs inspired by the Arts and Crafts, using Vertical Symmetry. 

There is also enclosed a Workbook where you will find:

  • the basic elements to include in your mandala designs and
  • the arts and crafts inspired motifs that I show you in the class. 

Tools & Software Programs required

You will need to have Adobe Photoshop and a graphic tablet such Cintiq or Wacom with a Digital Pen, to create and color the Mandalas.

The coloring book can be created using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign (although I will only show the process using Adobe Illustrator).


This class is hosted on Skillshare, which is one of the most well known and prestigious platforms for online learning.

Resources I mention in the class:

Adobe Color 

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