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In this online class, especially designed for Surface Pattern Designers, you will learn how to implement an efficient and coherent Portfolio Organization System for your digital work.

portfolio organization system for surface pattern designers

My first online class “Portfolio Organization System for surface pattern designers” is here!

I have to confess that I am a bit nervous, but I am also very excited thinking that this could be something that can help you tremendously!

I know sometimes, being organised in our daily work becomes a secondary task, as we focus much more on creating than in anything else.

We start placing files in folders and maybe at the beginning it is easy to track them, but over the time as we continue producing more and more designs, setting up a strong Portfolio Organization System is fundamental.

Best practices from the very beginning will pay off!

It is very important to know how to build an efficient folder structure for our designs and also to have a coherent file codification system to make it works properly.

I remember one friend of mine, another surface pattern designer, told me once that she was naming her files with “romantic” names, such as “Pink flowers in the Summer” and similar.

Can you believe this?.

“Romantic names” are maybe a good way to show publicly your designs, but you cannot name your files and folders like this for your internal organization.
It would be crazy to build a portfolio organization system based on “romantic names” and then track and locate our files in an easy way!.

Maybe your actual Portfolio is not based on “romantic names”, but on Themes or Categories, such as Animal, Floral, Christmas, Geometric,….. 

Does this sound more familiar to you?

I see lots of fellow surface pattern designers organizing their portfolios by themes or categories

If this is your case as well, let me tell you that you need to change this as soon as possible.

It is a big mistake to organize our folders by pattern descriptive attributes, such as the Theme or the Category, because many times, your designs could fit into more than one “theme”.

For example, if you create a pattern with flowers and animals, which is something very common, you will find yourself struggling thinking where to keep it…Should it be kept in your Animal Theme or in your Floral Theme?

I have to admit that this was a mistake I made at the beginning and it took me some time to realize that I needed to find a better system to organize my designs.

Over the time, I have developed my own method, which is very efficient and really easy to apply.

Now I have collected it in this online class.

portfolio organization class

These are the main benefits that you will get after taking the class:

– Improve your productivity and workflow

– Become more organized & efficient in your work

– Increase your professionalism and confidence

Portfolio Organization System – This class is especially designed for:

1. Surface Pattern designers who want to build their Portfolio Organization System from scratch and for

2. Surface Pattern Designers with weak portfolio organization systems already created and experiencing difficulties now to store, track and locate easily their files.

How will we do it?

class content

– I will teach you best practices to store your patterns in the right folder structure & using a coherent file codification system from the beginning.

-You will learn which files and documents you should create for each one of your designs, according to the final purpose.

-Next, I will teach you how to create a database from scratch to support your folders structure.

-Finally, I will show you how to share privately your full portfolio on your website, for potential brands and companies.

A winner team!

Building the right Folder Structure + organizing an efficient File Codification System + creating a flexible Database will make a formidable winner team for you: a strong Portfolio Organization System!

portfolio organization system captiure

Are you ready to start? I can’t wait to see you on the course!

The class is presented on Skillshare, one of the most well known and prestigious platforms for online learning.

If you don’t know about Skillshare, you can get 1 free month on the platform and watch my class for free, when you click the button below.

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