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In this post I talk about Pantone Connect, a great free resource from Pantone for artists, surface pattern designers and illustrators and I show you how it works.

Did you know that Pantone released like a year ago an extension for Adobe with all their books for free (for a limited time)?

I just found it a few days ago!

So Pantone launched this fabulous extension that works with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

With it, you can share your colors and palettes directly with your device and you can convert to pantone colors.

It displays all their colors from all their different books: Fashion, Home and Interiors, TCX, TPG, Coated, Uncoated, etc.

They also provide all the information about which are the final products for each color book. Isn’t this great??

This app has got lots of interesting tools, such as creating color palettes & save them in your Adobe library, so it is very handy. 

For the moment this app is for free, until they fully develop the Connect Platform. After that some of these features will remain still free and some will become Premium as I could read on their website.



So I have been diving into it to create some color palettes, and I share with you the great experience.

After getting the account and connecting the extension through Creative Cloud, you should see Pantone Connect in the main menu > Window > Extension.

To create a new colour palette, I have selected the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) System > Pantone FHI Paper TPG (as I am thinking about my designs applied to wallpaper in this example)


Then, you just select and drag the colors to your new color palette (at the bottom of the window), as you can see in the image below.

Pantone Connect Dashboard- Color selector

Now you can save your new color palette, adding all the information that you need (name, description, brands), as shown in the image below.

Pantone connect - saving new color palette


Something very cool here is that you can also export this new palette as a jpg, selecting among different templates.

To do so, just click the Image Templates option and the new window will come up with all the different templates.

Pantone connect; Export-as-template

The new template will incorporate the thumbnails of the selected colors with all the information regarding name, Pantone code and RGB and HEX references.



We can now add our new color palette to the swatch panel in Illustrator just clicking the icon that says Add color to the swatch panel

At this point, we will see now our new colors in the swatch panel in Adobe Illustrator.

Next I am going to select all the new colors, and click the folder at the bottom of the swatch panel, in order to create a new group of colors.

See the images below for further reference in the process.

Finally, you can save and add it to your library as .ase or (only if you had up to 5 colors in the color palette), save it to your Adobe libraries for further use.

pantone connect; saving-the-color-palette-to-your-Adobe-Libraries

To save it to your Adobe Library, click that small icon at the bottom of your swatch panel, that shows two squares with an arrow. Your new color palette will go directly into your Adobe library.


Another tool that I have found very interesting is that this app includes analytics of the color palette that you have created by different aspects such as: color combinations; light vs dark; gradients; daltonism views; percentage of luminosity; etc, therefore you can have a better understanding of how your new brand color palette works.


In summary, I think this is a great opportunity for us, surface pattern designers and illustrators.

I highly recommend investing some time creating new color palettes with pantone standards, thinking about the final purposes of our designs and saving them for a later use with our patterns & illustrations.

It is really worth giving it some time to study all the features that it provides, especially now that the app remains 100% free.

To start using it, you only need to create an account.

Visit their website here:

For further information, you can go to their FAQs section here.

I hope you find this app as useful as I do!

Happy creating!

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