Paul: graphite portrait


I show you the work process that I have followed (if you want to learn how I make a graphite portrait, as well as the materials I use, you can visit this previous post that I published in the blog).

From the beginning, the best advice I can give you if you want to do a job of this type, is that you have to give yourself a lot of patience, erasing the word “hurry” from your mind. This is a very delicate and very detailed work, in which the hours blur the day.

This type of work takes days and it is preferable to do it little by little so you don’t become saturated.

I show you the images of the process

Before starting, I always advise you to make a photocopy as large as possible of the image, one in color and one in black and white, to better detect the shades of gray that will be used in the portrait.

Comienzo del trabajo en el gorro de lana
Trabajo en el gorro de lana
Detalle del trabajo de luces en gorrito de lana/Detail working with lights
Comienzo trabajo brazo y manga derecha
Trabajo en el jersey de lana
Continuación del trabajo en el jersey de lana
Trabajo en el brazo izquierdo y comienzo en manga izquierda
Trabajos finales en mantilla del bebé y fondo del retrato

And this is the final result (Canson Paper 200 gr, A3 size)


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