How to Crop patterns in Ai


In this video tutorial, I teach you how to crop patterns in Adobe Illustrator, easily and effortless with a special script called Super Magic Eraser

As Surface Pattern Designers, I found Super Magic Eraser script as a fundamental tool to crop/trim patterns effortless and quickly.

Why do we have to trim our patterns? Is is fundamental to do it?.

Well, the answer is no, but I have found very useful to create and keep always two documents for each one of my files:

-One file including the “raw” pattern (with all the elements, motifs, notes, different colour swatches, etc) and

-A second and “clean” document/file, containing just the tile with the pattern and the color palette that we have used.

And therefore, from this second pattern we can create all the different visuals that we might need for different purposes, use it for uploading to micro stock websites or even send it to a client directly (if they don’t require to do extra adjustments in the sizes of the artboards).

super magic eraser script


(The following is a copied text from their user guide)


Super Magic Eraser is a script for Adobe Illustrator which automatically cuts and deletes vector objects outside Artboard.

This script deletes paths and shapes outside Artboard quickly and easily, while not affecting your artwork inside artboard. Cuts linear and radial gradient correctly. Keeps illustrations editable after usage with accurate and clean results.

Works with vector files containing several Artboards.

Perfect for cropping seamless patterns and vector illustrations for microstocks.

Useful for deleting graphic garbage on margins and preparing for printing.

Fully automatic process. No need to know anything. Save yourself time and stress. Just run Super Magic Eraser Script and enjoy.

Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Illustrator CC Script version is universal for Windows and Macintosh OS.


When you get the script from Creative Market, the installation is very simple.

Take the script file (​super_magic_eraser_v2.jsx)​ and drop it to the script folder of your Adobe Illustrator. Location of the script folder depends on your Adobe Illustrator version and system configuration.

For Windows it might be:

C > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator (your version) > Presets > en_GB > Scripts

For Macintosh it might be:

Applications > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator (your version) > Presets > en_GB > Scripts Then run Adobe Illustrator. You can find the script in the main menu (​File > Scripts >


You can also run the script without installation. Go to ​File > Scripts > Other Script​(Ctrl+F12). Then open the script file on your computer.

super magic eraser installation

Usage in Adobe Illustrator

Open or create any vector illustration. You can also use ​sample-1.eps​file from your archive.

seamless pattern before trimming it_ designed by Beatriz Pascual

Run the script Super Magic Eraser. Press the Start button.
The script will cut and delete all vector shapes and paths outside Artboard. Finally you get the result.

pattern cropped

Usage with several Artboards

Open or create any vector illustration with several Artboards. You can also use ​ file from your archive.

Run the script and press Start button. It will cut and delete all vector shapes and paths outside all Artboards.


If you are interested on it, you can find this script in my referral link, without an additional cost for you. Thank you very much for your support!:

I created a video showing how it works (the language of the video is in Spanish, but you can configure the subtitles in your own language in the small wheel, placed on the right bottom corner)

Big hug!!


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