Luzmila, a custom portrait


In this blogpost I share with you the result of this commission work: a digital mix media custom portrait, where I have used graphite and Photoshop.

May 8th, 2019

Custom portrait

A few weeks ago I had the enormous pleasure of receiving a commission from Dublin from somebody very dear to me.

Her mommy had passed away a few years ago, at the age of 86, and she really wanted to pay her a special tribute in the form of a portrait.

I felt very lucky that I was the artist chosen to do it, because I felt that I could contribute to make it very special.

Before going into the matter of how I composed it, I transcribe some very emotional lines about Luzmila that her daughter Violeta has written about her.

In 1926 a beautiful little blonde princess was born in Ancon Lima (Peru), full of sweetness and with great strength, loving with her mother, father and all her family. She stood out as a student and graduated as a 1st Category teacher with a lot of effort and sacrifice, after starting her job as 3rd Category teacher at 17 years old, working in rural areas, where she was a teacher and director.

She had got 9 children to whom she gave her infinite love, tenderness, care, motivation and inspiration. My admiration and honor to my adored and loved mother, my eternal gratitude to you little mother, to your teachings, your writings and poems. Tireless professional, example of overcoming my Mother Luzmila Oscanoa Rivas Vda. of Espinoza, Eternal Glory, Little Mother.

Violeta Espinoza
Luzmila con su hija Violeta

In the portrait I had to emphasize her delicacy, her femininity, her kindness and her kind heart.

To make this commission, I relied on two old photos as a reference that they provided me, since they expressly asked me for the body posture of one of them.

Luzmila, foto referencia 1
Luzmila, foto referencia postural

Equally, for the color palette, there were also some initial preferences for shades of pink and blue, which I kept at my work.

Luzmila loved flowers and so I decided to draw the own roses that my client grows in her house.

Finally, one of the things that Luzmila liked to do the most was to write, so it was clear to me that I would like to include in the portrait a fragment of her personal notes or letters to her daughter.

This is the result. A custom portrait for which I have used a mixed technique, with the analog part of the entire pencil drawing and the digital part for color, using Photoshop..

Tuve la suerte de poder entregar en mano este encargo a mi amiga Violeta!

2 thoughts on “Luzmila, a custom portrait”

  1. Mi eterno agradecimiento mi querida Bea por esta obra de arte en memoria de mi madrecita, milliones de gracias, eres una gran artista, a mi madre le hubiese gustado conocerte, pero se que ella sonríe desde arriba, un gran abrazo y besitos, Violeta

  2. Gracias a ti, Violeta! Ha sido un placer hacer este trabajo contigo. A mi también me hubiese gustado conocer a tu mamita. Seguro que sí que desde arriba está sonriendo de verte feliz! Un beso enorme!!!:-)

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